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Both challenges and opportunities are expected to be created due to the volatility of the global  financial industry in recent years (E.g. U.S. financial crisis, European debt crisis, new regulatory standards). In the meantime, the financial sector in many emerging markets tend to become more open, competitive, sophisticated and liberalized.  We see the opportunities for well-capitalized financial services companies to expand their geographic footprint and product capabilities through strategic cross-borders mergers and joint-venture.

Galileo Global Securities delivers solid and flexible advisory services related to mergers and joint ventures between PE/VC funds, insurance companies, broker dealers, banks. We have developed an in-depth knowledge of the PE and VC industries, enabling investors to select the best opportunities to achieve their goals.

We maintain strong relationships with financial industry corporations, institutions, small & medium enterprises and funds in Asia, North America, Europe and The Middle East. We also track political and regulatory factors in each market.

Our professional team has worked extensively in financial services in Europe, North America and Asia. They have direct experience of and have provided key strategic advice on management buyouts, corporate restructurings, exchange registrations and deregistrations, and major acquisitions and overseas expansions. As financial services are confronted by one of the most serious crises in history, we stand ready to assist financial institutions in their global repositioning.

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From assisting financial institutions with their strategy to assessing the potential of their existing and prospective international businesses, Galileo will provide insight into the regulatory, risk management, valuation and competitive analysis. We also provide advice on investment opportunities in financial services.

The regulatory evolution of the financial services industry is a particular expertise of Galileo Global Advisors and led us to partner with law firms, IT consultants and former key financial services regulators and officials.

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