Corporate Venture Capital Programs

Galileo Global Securities Services Advisory/M&A Corporate Venture Capital Programs
  • Galileo Global Securities constantly monitors the details of several large multinational corporations on their corporate VC programs, including their overall investment strategies in new technologies and investment channels’ combination, the focus of each investment channel, and how different channels cooperate with each other.
  • Galileo Global Securities also constantly monitors the universe of VC funds and direct investments, including investment focuses of top VC funds through analyzing their portfolio companies, major investment trends and investment performance of these VC funds.
Case Study

Galileo Global Securities has helped large corporations to create dedicated VC programs that are focused or related to their core business. This can help the large corporations in a few ways:

  • Identify GP partners that have strong connections in their industry and bring them to the large corporates’ VC program. So the GPs can share strategic values with the industrial corporate. In building GP connections, the corporate is widely expanding its access to deal flow.
  • By funding innovative start-ups though the VC program, the large corporations can identify new technologies and business models in order to improve performance and create future growth markets.
  • By tying in with the whole innovation policy, it shall provide to the company early access to cutting edge technologies in their industry, and enrich the company’s R&D.
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